Photography is enjoyed by millions and with the changes almost monthly in technology it becomes easier and easier to take a photo, but photography is not just taking a photograph, it is away of capturing the past for the future, a smile, a look, a flick of the hair. Dads photographing daughters, mothers photographing sons, sons girlfriends, girlfriends photographing grandmothers, after she has photographed herself 100′s of time in the mirror with friends.

What they all have in common is a memory, whether it is going to stay on the computer or to hang on the wall, where it shows its energy, the energy to affect the mood, affect a persons emotions.

How many photos are hanging on your wall that every time you look at them it changes your day, makes you think, your heart skips or a tear wells in the corner of your eye and that is the energy of a moment in time captured, the 100th of a second, faster than you can blink, faster than a breath or a heart beat to give you a life time of memories, capturing light that has traveled 150 million km to bounce off the subject at 299792 kilometres per second into your lens on to your sensor at the back of your digital camera or on to film and all in a straight line.