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Ruglie - © Peter Neve

TrikeBrechin Harley Weekend

Peter Neve is a none commercial photographer and has no connection to any other site or company called Rainbow Photography (But he has another site of Rainbow Photography Scotlandand has been around for 10 years in this form). Pete the photographer wishes to share his knowledge of photography, about your camera, the lenses and how to make your photograph that little bit better, but again you may not need any help and you are just interested on the site, either way you are invited to look around and read, if you know any tips or trick then please email Pete who will add them to this site. So please just look around, click links have a look at my gallery, leave a comment if you wish, just remember that comments are moderated so if there is any adverts, or nonsense I will just delete the comment like I have many times.

If you love photography as much as I do then enjoy.

Matthew on his  bike

17th Century Summer House - Edzell Castle - Angus - Angus - Scotland. © Peter Neve

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